Shelley Ann Clark’s policy regarding Comments on her blog

The opinions expressed in the Comments Section of Shelley Ann Clark’s blog The Sword – The Fight for Canada are the views of the author and do not necessarily reflect, in whole or in part, Shelley Ann Clark’s views or those of her agents.


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8 Responses to Shelley Ann Clark’s policy regarding Comments on her blog

  1. handydan says:

    Shelley, What is your e-mail address, I would like to contact you.

    • PR office says:

      Replay to ‘handydan”. kindly leave any relevant or important personal contact information at our office email site for reply at That is a Carleton University sponsored email site address managed by SAC’s Public Relations team.

  2. Edmonton Eddie says:

    Glad to see you are back on the scene. We remember you when you came to Edmonton and received a standing ovation from a packed house after your talk on your adventures in the Free Trade Office. Have been watching this “free trade’ process over the years and how it has affected the country. Don’t exactly like what we see. Time for a public review of our sovereignty situation.

  3. John Beattie says:

    Not sure what the Statute of Limitations would say, but surely the crooked brass that ordered the duplicity during the free (?) trade talks, should be hauled before the Criminal Courts ?

  4. John Beattie says:

    Those with big bucks who are truly concerned about our country being stolen, must come forth with gifts to patriots who are willing to do more. First absolute must is that those patriots on the front line, such as SAC, must be able to travel coast to coast on our every growing “Whistle Blowers Crusade”. Patriots from coast to coast must at least meet face to face in the building of our legal resistance. Frankly we are in the position of the Dutch underground during WW2. We have been tricked and hood winked into the loss of our nation to third world invaders, while the manipulators literally meet in their castle in France, etc., etc.

  5. Grizz says:

    your stamina is more than inspirational. many people that we come across have not even heard of this scam and the “punishment” our lords and masters have inflicked upon you. thank god that your situation has been in the public eye or who can say what could have happened.
    I do lots of research for causes I’m involved in and keep stumbling upon those who knew nothing of this and of course they are given the full course dinner regarding this discusting mess. I did it again just an hour ago with someone in the U.S.A.
    I only wish I could type as quickly as jb.
    It must be maddening to not be aware of when C.J. Lutfy and his entourage are willing to meet with you. I had a friend many years ago who was involved with an “item” under the Official Secrets Act so I can truly feel a bit of what you must be going thru.
    We think of you every day and wish all to be well.

  6. Historian says:

    Shelley Ann: We recall and excellent CBC fifth estate 1/2 hr. documentary done on you over the Doris Anderson affair. For historical purposes, three attempts to locate and purchase a copy of this documentary from the CBC archives and P.R. Department went unanswered. Seemingly it cannot even be found on their web site.
    When one views the CBC documentaries that are made available to our school system, one cannot help feel our history is well sanitized giving the youth of the nation a biased overview of our actual history.
    Perhaps someone ‘out there’ remembers this documentary and you may be lucky enough to received a copy.

  7. Grizz/BPL says:

    Interesting revelation yesterday. I was doing a long posting on Yahoo about tsunamis,earthquakes, parliaments in contempt, global leaders moving up in the world and some moving down/out.
    What is my point?………Then I wrote off Shelley’s situation that so many know little about. People can read it and give a thumbs up or down. 4 thumbs up and 3 down indicating to moi that about half the folks think your plight is almost as serious as other major world issues……..Hope, there’s always hope.

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