Radio interview with Shelley Ann Clark on CFIS FM Radio “The Voice”

Radio interview with Shelley Ann Clark on CFIS FM Radio “The Voice”

Canadian Whistleblower Shelley Ann Clark was interviewed by radio host Bev Collins on January 9th, 2011 on CFIS FM Radio out of Prince George, B.C. regarding her ongoing struggles with the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal and her current legal appeal now pending before the federal courts. Please listen to this informative and provocative discussion and pass the message along to others.


CFIS FM Radio  “The Voice”
Hosted by: Bev Collins
Sunday, January 9th, 2011 2pm

Radio interview with Shelley Ann Clark

Follow up article by Bev Collins:

I had the opportunity on Sunday to interview Shelley Ann Clark who resides in Ottawa, where she has worked for the department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada for most of her career as a diplomat.

She became a whistleblower after she was ordered to falsify documents dealing with the Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement.  She was ordered to alter figures and delete entire paragraphs dealing with Canada’s most important resource such as giving away the rights to our WATER. Shelley Ann took her orders from her boss, Germain Denis who was parachuted into his job by former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney as the 3rd highest ranking negotiator in the country.

As Denis’ Executive Assistant, Shelley Ann was responsible for preparing the briefing books that were handed out to the Premiers one minute before they met with Denis and then retrieved before they had a chance to review the material inside the briefing books.  These orders came directly from her boss, who took his orders directly from Mulroney. After the 33 page outline of the Agreement was signed on October 3, 1987, Shelley Ann was ordered to remove the key documents that had been altered to the trunk of Denis’ car.

While overseeing the removal of these documents from Denis’ office she came across an Implementation Scheme that laid out the plan for the merger of Canada with the U.S.  At this point, Shelley Ann was so concerned about what she saw that she made the decision to inform as many Canadians as possible by agreeing to do speaking engagements across Canada as well as making herself available for radio interviews in Canada, the U.S. and on shortwave around the world. I met Shelley Ann while she toured BC and Alberta and found a very professional and credible witness to what took place in Ottawa.

It has been astounding to find out what has happened in the last 15 years since she shared the information on the corruption of our Free Trade agreement. The significance of what she says should shock even the most sleepy Canadians, as the plan to integrate Canada with the USA is more real and in your face than ever before.

Shelley Ann has been persecuted, lost everything, been demoted and abused at her work place and finally went before the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal to try and get some justice. The tribunal turned out to not be the independent body that they claim to be.  There is evidence of this in articles that appeared in Ottawa’s main stream media such as the Ottawa Citizen and the Ottawa Sun.

The Chairman of the Tribunal did not allow Shelley Ann to have witnesses heard and evidence introduced. The judge ruled in favour of the government but not before recognizing the blatant attempts of the government towards their neglect of Shelley Ann and their attempts to destroy her.

She has taken her case to the Federal court and is presently up against government lawyers who will do anything to shut her down. As Canadians we cannot stand by and allow that to happen.

Harper wants to sign Canada into yet another agreement with the USA this month, and is so concerned about how Canadians will respond he has established a Public relations campaign to counterattack anyone daring to question it. This agreement is all about creating a common security perimeter around both countries. The final pieces of the implementation plan will then fall into place.

You can reach Shelley Ann Clark via email: . Donations to the Shelley Ann Defense Fund can be made through the Bank of Montreal, Ottawa.

For further information please contact:
Margaret R. Bowlby
Public Relations Agent and Researcher for Shelley Ann Clark

e-mail at:

Bev Collins
Bev Collins is a former federal candidate, writer, speaker, talk show host and guest and has toured throughout North America speaking on political issues of trade and sovereignty.


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