“WE” THE PEOPLE OF CANADA “An Open Letter to the Prime Minister of Canada”


“An Open Letter to the Prime Minister of Canada”:

Mr. Prime Minister:

“We, the People” of Canada, whose origins began in this country, reject “your” vision for OUR country.  “We” have assembled across this country to resist your efforts of forever changing OUR constitution and undermining OUR freedom.

It is obvious that you are NOT hearing US, since you have not acknowledged OUR message.

Former U.S. President Wilson once said, a leader’s ear must ring with the voices of the people.  The time has now come for you to lean over and listen to what the people of this great country of ours need you to hear.

OUR greatest treasure is OUR “freedom”.  WE no longer want to have our hands tied.  WE want the ability to think and act without the restraints that have been imposed upon us.

A natural result of freedom is individual responsibility.  WE believe in the power of individuals.

OUR soldiers went to war and many gave their lives so that WE would have a FREE CANADA.  It is unfortunate that work is not finished, yet you continue to lead US, the people of Canada, deeper and deeper into your vortex, where you believe that we will never be able to get out.

Mr. Prime Minister, you are wrong.  WE shall prevail and we shall win back OUR freedom.

FREEDOM is the capacity for self-determination and WE the People of Canada are determined.

FREEDOM is NOT an entity.  It is a condition, and conditions can change.  FREEDOM can expand, but it can also shrink.

You promised Canadians change when you took office, Mr. Prime Minister,  but turning US into slaves is not the kind of change WE wanted or will accept.

We know that the New World Order has already put into effect a plan to eliminate the middle class and return US to a world where there exists only Kings and Serfs.

You, Mr. Prime Minister have:

•    Expanded government
•    Violated OUR constitution
•    Confounded laws
•    Seized private industry
•    Destroyed jobs
•    Perverted our economy
•    Curtailed free speech
•    Weakened our national security and
•    Endangered OUR Sovereignty

When you compromised Canada’s cultural, legal and economic institutions you ensured that our children would never have the same quality of life that we enjoyed in the past.

Through generational theft you are robbing the unborn of opportunities that they are entitled to because they were born Canadians.



We accept the challenge and WE will be assembling across Canada to deliver OUR message as often and in every way we can.

Mr. Prime Minister we have taken a vow that WE, AS A PROUD CANADIAN NATION will resist your coercive style of governing.

PATRIOTS will NOT STAND silent as you attempt to dismantle what WE believe to be the greatest nation on earth.

WE will protect Canada and it’s outstanding and rare qualities will prevail.


“WE” The People of Canada


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