By Shelley Ann Clark

There is evidence everywhere that our constitution is in crisis. Our culture and heritage is being threatened. Those who are invited into our home known as “Canada” forget that they are guests. When you invite someone into your home you expect them to abide by your rules. You are the host . CANADA IS OUR HOME AND WE ARE THE HOSTS. WE have gone too far in accommodating these guests. They have taken advantage of our hospitality by NOT respecting our values, our traditions, our heritage and our culture. They ignore our laws, our rules and our regulations . They take away our jobs because they are given special privileges. A white Anglo-Saxon person has to compete and pass exams with the highest grade in order to obtain a job in Canada while our visitors laugh in our face because they know they will get the job whether they pass the exam or not. Our guests have special privileges when it comes to investing in Canada, while poor white Anglo Saxon Joe wonders why he doesn’t get the same privileges.


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  1. Tami Dickson says:

    Future Law & Bill of Rights Constitutional Amendments Suggestions! Jan 22/11

    After Nesara Announcements I propose that all immigration started by the dark cabal clan stop completely. All immigration since the inception of Canada as a nation be scrutinized for any and all criminal allegiances. Any treasonous criminal behaviour against the sovereignty of Canada and Canadians free will can activate permanent deportation for person and family depending on circumstances. Example: crime families, illuminati, Satanic Cults, Secret societies and dark ET corporate cartels.

    Criminal activities that breach honouring the sovereignty and rights of Canada and Canadian’s god-given rights shall activate permanent deportation! Such criminal activities as murder, assault, criminal negligence causing death, drug dealing, development and distribution, all manner of white collar crimes, defrauding the government through insurance fraud, employment standard benefits, workers compensation fraud, income tax fraud, voter election policies, city by-laws fraud, municipal government laws, immigration fraud, people smuggling, import regulation fraud, prostitution, sex massage parlours, rape, money laundering through casinos etc, child and adult pornography, breach of landlord tenancy acts, city by-laws creating loss of life and loss of standard of living for Canadians, unnecessary harassment of citizens, breach of environmental laws and willful destruction of mother earth and humanity’s air, ground, trees, plants, etc, water and lifestyles. Also, willful disregard for life, liberty and the right to happiness for all, including discrimination of gays, lesbians and women and children. Also, terrorism of any kind and religious acts of criminality. The air India bombing participants should be sent packing and their country of origin should be sent the legal and transportation costs. Under the Cabal system they hold responsibility for stirring up or conceiving that terrorist attack. Any above issue would activate deportation on a case by case basis. Property seized and forward proceeds of crime to support sovereign awards and programs for Canadian born citizens. Immigrant crime deportation costs sent to country of origin. They can no longer hold two passports and use Canadian tax dollars when trouble hits. We must make it not profitable to be a criminal in our society. We must demand respect for our languages, citizens, laws and country. Any criminal behaviour that violates agreements and the free will or an individual or community constitutes removal.

    Playing nice and demonstrating forgiveness compassion has not disswayed the criminality in our country tuff love will create positive changes for all!

    Government money should be used for language training for our citizens not immigrants who come here. They should be able to read and write English before coming here in most of Canada and read and write French before going to Quebec. Many language skills training is available on the internet we should not have to pay for them to come here. Translation costs is a waste of our tax dollars and all immigrants should respect our language no matter how old they are. That money should be paid for Canadians to learn French outside Quebec and anyone wanting to learn English in Quebec. Most importantly we should support the resurrection of the Native indigenous languages across Canada for those societies were wronged by our government in the past and should be encouraged to maintain their languages. Our heritage through them is way more important than immigrants who have done nothing to build or align with our generational visions.

    Religion has been corrupted by the dark ET overlords. The dark overlords used immigration to create divisiveness amidst our citizens, create voters and money for them through the stock market. We are moving toward a spiritual society base on authentic principles of science and heart wisdom truth. Our bodies are energy and the planet is energy and the universe is composed of energy. Thought and emotion is energy hence our evolution is energy bases. How we use that love energy is more about managing our own personal energy fields and emotions for the alignment with the creator energy is not about religious buildings or how one conforms to its doctrine but, rather how one lives by universal laws and their own spirit. This is generic for all and can be scientifically quantified.

    The Creator is not about buildings, wearing dark cloth on your body, or cloth over your head, or wearing weapons on your body. This is where our North American and Canadian evolutional value system resides and is moving towards. Therefore, no immigrant should be able to impose this limiting belief upon an evolving society such as Canada. If they do not like this perhaps a ticket back to where they came from would be most appropriate. Our society is moving toward a space of love harmony where this value is paramount with mother earth. Any government and or agency who claims racism about this truth is also welcome to reside where their belief is common place.

    Canada is all about compassion equality and fair play. However that has been completely disrespected by many immigrants who come here who are in agreement with the abusive programming of our wayward misguided government officials. Many immigrants agree with these statements as well and I encourage these wise souls to step forward and contact me on our contact link. Canadian values is where our government officials’ hearts should be demonstrating. How can racism be claimed when all Canadians want is their values honoured for their own country and most citizens that were here before they were. Plus our consciousness has evolved beyond that deliberate limiting religious doctrine. It is the responsibility of our leadership to honour and encourage this spiritual growth for all.

    I suggest that Canadians who do not stand up for the values and desires of equality and fair mindedness on behalf of Canadian’s desires be arrested for breach of trust and treason the way they have sold Canadian resources, land, corporations, ports and even children to foreigners. This cannot continue. I have witnessed immigrant’s get job training ahead of Canadians. I have witnessed housing going to immigrants ahead of needy Canadians. Immigrants discriminate against whites all the time in Vancouver for job contracts, regular jobs and Medicare. Any one complicit in acts against Canada and Canadians in this fashion whether immigrant or Canadian born should be jailed for treason. Letting people into our parliament buildings with knives under the issue of religion is unacceptable. I applaud Quebec for the sovereign stand on many of these issues. Religious freedom should be struck down from all official decrees and documents in Canada in favour of spiritual freedom for the country of
    origin citizens. Freedom of religion has been used in despicable ways and been totally corrupted. I suggest that no more racial monopolies in business be allowed. If authentic equality existed in Vancouver these racial monopolies would not exist in trucking, construction, farming, taxi companies, hotel housekeeping, hotel laundry, restaurants, security to name a few. Please let me know if you are aware of any immigrant company that only hires a few white people or no white people. You may win a whistle blower award see employment link for details.

    Recently a group of Chinese people who were allowed to buy upscale apartments on UBC Campus raised a fuss over next door property development. A hospice medical development proposal was shared with all the neighbours. Many Chinese come here with a very self righteous attitude of entitlement because they have money. Because 70% of the building are Asian and think similar limiting beliefs they feel they have the right to tell our developers that they do not want a hospice to be built next door due to ghosts coming into there apartments. Sorry to tell you folks but emotional bodies and ghosts body hop on buses, sky trains, shopping malls, night clubs, concerts, graveyards although many have been cleared from there but you get the point I am trying to make. Mind set based in greed and money does not serve the community as a whole in many ways. Property ownership including foreign should be re-evaluated especially in Vancouver. People who do not care about harmony of sovereignty let anyone spend money for greed preferences rather than the community’s highest good decisions.

    Our RCMP should have a uniform code of conduct that all adhere to or find another job. Our police federal, Provincial, and municipal departments should all swear allegiance to a sovereign Canada and Canadians not a foreign company or person such as the Queen or the United Nations. Any such allegiance is grounds for treason charges. This also covers the Canadian Military as well.

    Any government official who chooses to purchase and implement any technology or medicine, vaccine or chemical spraying of our country and citizens should be charged with crimes against humanity. The scanners in the airports are one glaring example. Anyone willing to work with these scanner security companies should be charged with assault and reckless endangerment. Everyone must demonstrate common sense and heart centered conscious assessment of all their actions towards fellow citizens especially any kind of police, military or security personal.
    As stated before no manufacturer should be allowed to make and distribute in Canada any dangerous substance or product that knowingly created health problems for the purchaser. This would be Crimes against Humanity, jail time and unable to hold any license for further businesses in Canada. Immigrants who participated would be deported permanently. This includes dangerous ingredients in food, GMO’s development and sale, dangerous products like lead content etc. The use of Chemtrails, misuse of radio active waste and energy, mercury in teeth, and willful distribution of dangerous vaccines and pharmaceuticals will also be included in charges. Doctors who willfully support big pharma should lose their licenses and/or be deported.

    No one should take a position in our municipal, provincial, territorial and federal government who is not a Canadian born citizen and who must have both parents born in Canada as well. This also covers police, military and judicial high level positions as well as any position that represents Canada. Our latest Miss Canada is or was an Iranian women who immediately after gaining the award took off to Iran to do work there for the women. Who paid for that I would like to know? A noble gesture many would say. I say it is the typical usury disrespect that immigrants show Canadians. Women and children need help all across this land. A family from Afghanistan came here and settled in the Victoria area. Who are the ones that have money to travel from that country? Their daughter used our school system for training that many Canadians don’t get and then took off to Afghanistan to set up a TV show there to help their country. The media act as if this is a real noble gesture. In some circles yes this is. What about setting up internet or TV shows here or hiring TV people here? Instead the usury and disrespect continues. It is time to draw a line in the sand folks.

    Any agency that willfully supplied housing over Canadians should be charged with treasonous behaviour and stripped of any further position of authority. Government agencies who deliberately commit economic strife upon their citizens like Revenue Canada, Employment Insurance, Social Security, social assistance and Bank of Canada, CRTC, Health Canada or any other complicit agencies condoning tax and financial hardships should be charged with crimes against humanity and treason. Any immigrants involved in these activities should be sent packing and citizens jailed.

    Any willful destruction of the environment by citizens with their vehicle’s exhaust pipe turned towards shrubs, trees, flowers, animals and residences and common areas should be fined and have their vehicles confiscated for repeat offenders. This is done for the egos need for convenience rather than common courtesy and respect for all above. It is no longer acceptable behaviour where our society is moving. Presently I do not drive, smoke or drink. However I live in a building where other tenants still want the right to kill themselves and others with their second hand smoke that leaches into my apartment. I suggest that no immigrant wanting access to our country that smokes be allowed to do so. While I walk outside I am still assaulted by ream’s of cigarette smoke floating into my lungs by other smokers on the street. This poor choice by fellow citizens must stop because it hurts everyone in their lives and around them. In a society of reverence for all life and space of love body alignments this most assuredly does not align with this vision. We will offer healings designed for this and alcohol addiction in our free healing clinics. If they want to kill themselves with these poisons do not plan to come to Canada to live. This covers alcohol and drug use as addictions and mental illnesses that can be cured in their own country. Does this sound callous? Perhaps to some but then again you have not witnessed immigrants coming here sitting on government assistance and taking away housing and benefits from Canadians. Remember consciousness alignments are what is most important in the coming years. So limiting our drama in this regard is most wise indeed. Many have been used as disruptor souls.

    I believe in a sovereign society where foreign ownership is not wise or necessary. Any agreements made by past Cabal governments and corporations would be terminated. The North American Free Trade agreements made without the consent of Canadian citizens is illegal and should be void. Self sufficient industries, manufacturing and businesses flourish in a free society. IN TRUE SOVEREIGNTY EVERYONE THRIVES IN CANADA! Every thing from our current and past economic engine is based on usury and greed. This will morph into fairness, equality and prosperity for all. All land purchased via this greed system such as crown land, real state foreign companies and individuals should be made illegal and or mute. None of these land agendas ever asked the Canadian people for permission or other Earth. Especially the land stolen from Canadians after expo 86. Those properties should be given back to Canadians and companies asked to leave. It was control and greed based and we do not want others dictating what kind of apartment size or price we pay. Further, nor do we want our ports, railways, highways, water supplies or resources owned by foreigners. It is the right of Canadians to demand redress of this treasonous common place. It would be wise to make it a crime to sell businesses to foreign interests after what we have gone through. Only 10% foreign land ownership would be most wise in each jurisdiction. All planned and present raping of mother Earth to stop in an expedient manner. This covers, oil, gas, hydro, minerals, etc. for their methods are damaging and completely about profit without authentic contemplation about alternative energy sources. No matter how the media spin it!

    Each Province, and Territory should be protecting their resources, infrastructure and environment for their citizens and their children. If they have not done this they should be charged with treason and either deported or sent to jail.


    Tami Dickson


    Please contact me. Let’s join forces.

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