Alex Roslyn
August 26, 1993

Shelley Ann Clark can’t get anyone in the media to listen to her story of document-altering in the Canada-U.S. free trade negotiations. Clark claims her boss, top trade negotiator Germain Denis, committed fraud to conceal what Canada gave away in the talks with the Americans.

Only one media outlet, Ottawa TV station CJOH, DID A STORY AFTER Clark went public with her story on May 26, 1993. CJOH aired a three-minute interview with Clark on June 3. Ottawa Citizen columnist Greg Watson said he heard about Clark’s allegations in mid-summer, but didn’t have the time to look into them. “I felt it was the sort of thing that would take a month to investigate,” he said.  “I just couldn’t take out that kind of time”.

Weston passed on the file to Citizen reporter Mark Kennedy, who told the Mirror Monday, he also didn’t have enough time to look into the case. “I’m not working on it currently,” he said. “It’s a very difficult matter to verify, I suspect.” But when asked if he had at least tried, Kennedy responded “Nope”.

Stevie Cameron, whose former Globe and Mail “Influence” column often probed government corruption, has known about Clark’s allegations for two months but also has not written anything “I didn’t have enough to go on, “she told the Mirror. “I think it’s really interesting but I’d like to get more documentation.” Both Clark and her lawyer, Harold Fund, said this week Cameron had yet to interview them about the case or seek any documentation.

NDP trade critic Dave Barrett said Clark’s story deserves public attention. “These are serious allegations,” he said, adding that he had not heard about Clark’s allegations before the Mirror called. Barrett said free-trade opponents have long claimed federal officials were not above-board about what was given away in the trade talks. “The whole business of the trade negotiations – who was pulling the strings in all this –all of these things are a mystery.”


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  1. Linda Klassen says:

    Hi Shelley Ann & Margaret!

    I’m so glad to see you have a site now to post the Truth you know about what corrupt politicians have been doing to Canada, so people will be able to come here and inform themselves of what they are not going to learn from their so called ‘representatives’ in the so called ‘government’ of Canada or its leashed maintstream media.

    It’s been a long hard road you’ve travelled just to get wher you are and we’re not at the end of the journey yet. But however far we get with overthrowing this treachery while we are here, we can know that one day Christ Himself will get it done and that will be the end of all wickedness. In the meantime, we fight like we know we’ve already won this battle.

    The Lord preserve you and prosper your efforts in bringing Truth to light and justice for the people of Canada…and beyond.

  2. John Beattie says:

    Unfortunately, in my humble opinion, Mr. & Mrs. Tim Horton really could care less about corruption in our once proud land. Half the country are in on the take in one way or another, connected to the phony frauds in Fraudawa, or illegal immigrants. The other half are watching hockey. Throughout history it always takes the brave few to forcefully push the cattle aside, while doing a thorough cleanup of the aegean stables !!

  3. Margaret says:

    Good comments so far. Let us see more opinions or suggestions forthcoming. This could end up an exciting democratic site to visit.

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