UPDATE – APRIL 1, 2011.

1. A HEARING DATE for the Judicial Review has NOW been set for

    TUESDAY, JUNE 21, 2011.


Also, Shelley Ann’s “complete” Affidavit that the Respondent was asking be removed will NOT BE REMOVED. IT HAS BEEN ACCEPTED BY THE FEDERAL COURT. Point won by SAC.

Greetings fellow Canadians and all people interested in sovereign, democratic governments around the world. I hope you find my new blog of interest and that you will add comments and suggestions to the articles and news releases that appear here.

I am beginning this new blog with a brief bio-press release to highlight my present situation.





Since 1988, Shelley Ann has been under attack by the Federal Government. Her residences have been ransacked, and while on assignment in Vienna, Austria she became ill without just cause and she almost died. Reportedly, former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney ordered the Department of Foreign Affairs to keep her out of Canada for at least eight (8) years.

Because she did not die in Austria and was returned to Canada, contrary to Mulroney’s wishes, Shelley Ann has suffered through eighteen (18) years of hardship. Shelley Ann Clark, in 2006, filed a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission. In 2009, not knowing that the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal WAS NOT the independent body IT claimed to be, Shelley Ann proceeded to have her complaint heard by this Tribunal. On February 3, 2010, the Tribunal decided that Shelley Ann did NOT have a case. Refer to Ottawa Citizen article dated January 5, 2011 “HUMAN RIGHTS TRIBUNAL IN TURMOIL: UNION” .

Even though Shelley Ann has had to take on this battle without legal counsel, she is still fighting for her rights. Shelley Ann appealed the Tribunal’s decision and requested that the Federal Court of Canada perform a “Judicial Review” and quash the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal’s decision.

Believing that this would be a simple matter to deal with, and without any funds, Shelley Ann, without legal counsel, proceeded to prepare all documents necessary to file her request for a “Judicial Review”.

Shelley Ann was wrong. As of today’s date, February 28, 2011, the documents that she has prepared according to the Federal Court’s Rules have been refused twice, causing further delays while a Prothonotary decides on a course of action.

Meanwhile, the Legal Counsel for the Respondent has sent a letter to the Prothonotary requesting that she be allowed to remove the “complete” version of Shelley Ann’s Affidavit from her Applicant’s Record and replace it with the “incomplete” version that had been prepared by someone else who had first assisted Shelley Ann prior to the Tribunal Hearing. (That someone else who had offered her assistance was a former Foreign Affairs employee).

Will the Court allow Shelley Ann’s Affidavit to be removed and replaced with an incomplete version? OR Will the Court stand by her and allow the complete version to be filed.

If the Court does not allow the “complete” Affidavit to be filed, then Shelley Ann will have to take on an additional battle to fight for her rights.

WE”, the people of Canada who support Shelley Ann, firmly believe that this case has reached a point where Shelley Ann needs the assistance of Legal Counsel. “WE” have therefore made the decision to set up a Shelley Ann Clark Defense Fund. “WE” are presently in the process of setting up a Pay Pal Account that will appear on her blog during the 1st week of March 2011.

The “Defense Fund” will appear as a direct link on her blog:



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