Biography of Shelley Ann Clark

Biography of  Shelley Ann Clark

The “mainstream” national media won’t touch her and lawyers and politicians will not sue her.

Shelley Ann Clark is the Federal Civil servant with 30 years experience who worked in the Canada-U.S. Free Trade Negotiations Office as an Executive Assistant to the third highest ranking negotiator on Mulroney’s team.

Between 1986 and 1988 Clark was ordered to falsify, shred and eventually remove key briefing papers designed to mislead provincial premiers as to what was really being given away in the Free Trade Agreement (FTA). Under threat of having her career destroyed, and becoming unemployable she was commanded to secretly remove and transfer key documents to the trunk of her boss’s car.

Shelley Ann Clark was born in Ottawa, Canada’s capital city. She had the great advantage of having an English father and a French mother and therefore was fluent in both official languages of her home country at a very early age. In 1961, months prior to receiving her degree in business administration, she was recruited by the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (aka External Affairs). Aside from taking “Parenthood Leave”, her entire career was associated with this department. Due to Shelley Ann’s competence with protocol, public relations, her ease at learning foreign languages and her ease with literary expression, she was frequently on loan to foreign governments.

Shelley Ann’s first book was titled “How to Become a Professional Secretary”. She also wrote an instruction manual on how to organize and manage an executive’s office. These books were written at the request of a local high tech company who needed to train their employees who were on the production line but wished to move up in the ranks and qualify for an office job. Reportedly, these were so popular and effective that the parent company in the United States requested copies for their employees.

Shelley Ann also served as a guest speaker and as a panelist on radio talk show debates. A frequent issue was “Honesty in Government.” She has a proven record in this area. Between 1980 and 1982, she served as an Administrative Assistant to Senator Doris Anderson when Anderson was the President of the Advisory Council on the Status of Women. Senator Anderson also served as Editor of Chatelaine Magazine.

Shelley Ann exposed a “coup” planned by Anderson’s Executive, led and supported by Federal Cabinet Minister, Lloyd Axeworthy. Axeworthy and his band of merry widows plotted to de-throne Anderson by attempting to cancel the National Women’s Conference that was to meet on Parliament Hill to demand that women from across Canada be involved in the “patriation” of the Canadian Constitution.

This exposé made Shelley Ann a household name as she was front page news in every newspaper across the country. CBC’s “Fifth Estate” television program did a documentary on her story. The attached ELMSLIE CARTOON depicting the story was presented to Members of Parliament with the Honorable Flora Macdonald hosting. This cartoon was reproduced from the description of the events as seen through Shelley Ann’s eyes.

Shelley Ann Clark is an avowed anti-corruptionist. She does not tolerate the theft of public resources by people entrusted with high office. She never sold her silence for a share of the loot. Perhaps the most noteworthy example took place in 1967 when she worked as Executive Assistant to the Commissioner of Expo 67 and Ambassador representing the small African nation of the Belgian Congo. During the performance of her duties she discovered that the previous Ambassador had been systematically looting the fragile economy of this central African nation.

Her reaction was not to ask for “hush-money”. Instead, she launched an investigation and played a major role in the arrest and subsequent conviction of the ring leader. Shelley Ann Clark will not remain silent in the shadow of corruption.

The current issue, “FREE TRADE”, is by far the most significant in her remarkable career. As a Free Trade official during the Canada and the United States Free Trade Negotiations between 1986 and 1988, she became aware of astounding misrepresentations made to the Provincial Premiers, along with the unauthorized shredding and covert disappearance of key documents.

In 1993, Shelley Ann ran in the Canadian Federal Election for a seat in the House of Commons. Shelley Ann used this opportunity to communicate to Canadians all across Canada that their country had been sold under a FREE TRADE CHARADE with the United States.



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6 Responses to Biography of Shelley Ann Clark

  1. repstock1 says:

    Thank you for you unceasing efforts and you integrity Shelly Anne. Canadians deserve so much better than they are getting. I hope we can mobilize them to demand that.
    A nation like Canada is a reflection of the hopes of it’s citizens from the newest immigrant to the eldest first nations person. Not one of us ever saw Canada as the compromised principle which has been imposed upon us.

    Paul Repstock

  2. Josef says:

    please see Vic Beck’s work on

    • John Beattie says:

      Vic Beck was Sunday (March 13th.) guest on internet radio: (Our Radio Shows)

      • John Beattie says:

        It is absolutely ASTOUNDING to me that the book, by author Captain David Astle (he was a valid Captain in the Royal Navy during WWII…….India, the whole works), was brought up by Vic in this video talk above. Captain Astle was at my Anglican Church wedding in Toronto ( April 12th., 1975 ), when the Church was still true to its roots. He was at times my best friend. I proof read much of The Babylonian Woe. Honest !! We spent hours and hours together debating with my Dutch Landlord Henrick Van Der Windt at 15 Admiral Road, Toronto, back in the late 60s/early 70s. To clarify one thing though: like so many of genius level, the Captain did not suffer we ordinary mortals lightly. THE HUDSONS BAY STORE DOWNTOWN TORONTO CARRIED HIS BOOK, right on a huge display beside the “Money Changers” by a “system” approved author.
        It was there for weeks UNTIL DAVE drove them whacko with his constant : “how many did you sell this week ?”. ( perhaps being born in Wales ? ) He was on and on at them until finally they told him to took his books and clear off !! So it cannot be suggested that a MAJOR system store did not sell his book publicly. See friends, the whole world is not against us !! I WAS THERE. I GAVE MY OPINION AS TO MUCH OF THE LAYOUT……not bragging, just simply astounded that my dearly passed friend is still getting his message across. On the front page/cover of the book , dear old broadcaster Gordon Sinclair BLESSED THIS BOOK AND PRAISED IT WITH HIS SIGNATURE. Am not trying to be self centred here whatsoever, maybe taking away attention from Vic’s potent message on the banking control of our lives.
        I simply cannot believe that his book is now at the centre of this powerful critique of the banking system. In closing I wish to announce to the world, that Captain David Astle left me the down payment for the British Peoples League headquarters in his Will. May God Bless His Eternal Soul.

  3. Maritime Maggie says:

    Surprise! Surprise! Just for fun, we Googled “Germain Denis” and found him in the Cambridge Whose Who Directory. It claims he received an (the?) American Medal of Honor. We then Googled “American Medal of Honor”. Seemingly it is the highest honor offered by the White House for American War heroes. It is apparently a strictly military honor and not a civilian one in character.
    Now, don’t tell us the White House was foolish enough to give an apparent civilian of Canadian origin this prestigious honor for successfully ‘invading’ Canada and dragging her into their Free Trade Agreement without a shot being fired!
    If such be the case, then it is quite an insult to veterans on both sides of the border.

    • John Beattie says:

      Not wishing to be on overdrive as have posted elsewhere on this fine blog.
      SAC, New Brunswick Groups, BC Groups, Ontario Groups, etc., etc…..various patriotic Groups coast to coast with a strong thread in all: Canadian Patriotism. We must work together under one umbrella, somehow, as a massive legal lobby force to save the Canada we all knew and loved.

      John Beattie (Internet Radio Exposes)

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